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Emma & Kiki Co-Host 

Inspiring Stories, Community Orgs, Sound Bites (Super Short Eps)

Ep. 103, Courageous Readership in DEI: Emotions, Identity, & The Bumpy Road to Change with Maria Morukian

Ep. 94, Courtnei Lee Joins Us to Discuss OYT Cosmetics, Plus Authenticity & Beauty

Ep. 93, Sound BiteEmotions, Discernment, Powering-Through, Clarity, & Body Connection with Bessi Graham

Ep. 92, Emotions, Discernment, Powering-Through, Clarity, & Body Connection with Bessi Graham

Ep. 91, Greatness Game, Leadership, & Inspiration with Dena Patton

Ep. 89, More About Ageism with Andrea Canny

Ep. 88, Keeping Your Seat At the Table with Nori Jabba

Ep. 85, Strategic Presence, Authenticity, and Connections with Jacqueline Farrington

Ep. 72, Andrea Mein Dewitt's Name Claim & Reframe book & Female Bullying

Ep. 69, A Simple Model for Changing Habits

Ep. 67, Can Numerology Influence Your Leadership Style with
Dr. Veronica De La Rosa

Ep. 62, Work-Life Balance with Whitney Baker

Podcast: Electric Ideas

Ep. 53, Generational Leadership with Toni "Nana" Morris and Taylor Hererra

Ep. 44, Rebecca Cohn, Be Brave - Let's make pies!

Ep. 30, Erin Michalski, Eagle Rock Ranch: Leading the Way to Happy Cows!

Ep. 29, Alemany Girls, Love Notes to Our Younger Selves: What Would You Tell Your High School Self Today?

Ep. 28, Dalia Zatlin, The Power of the Pack: Moving and Leading Together!

Ep. 21Nathy Gaffney, Leading with confidence! Podcast:
Suck it and See! 

Ep. 19, Anh Thang Dao-Shah, Ph.D. - A model for diversity, belonging, equity, and justice leadership!

Ep. 13, Kathy McAfee, What is fearless leadership?

Ep. 12, U.S. Military: Creating leaders since 1775! Guest: Erin Flerlage - Podcast: Life After Uniform

Ep. 9, Julianna Hynes, Ph.D., What is leading on purpose?

Ep. 6, Birgit Hueglin-Wood, Can we just ditch performance appraisals?

Ep. 2, Karyn Buxman and Andrea Canny, Is leadership funny?

Ep. 101, Speaking While Female with Author, Dana Rubin - Amplifying Women's Voices

Ep. 98, A Daughter is Special with Meenakshi Sinha: Letters From A Mother in India to Her Daughter Living Abroad

Ep. 86, Machiavelli for Women by Stacey Vanek Smith 

Ep. 82, Trust Yourself, Stop Overthinking and Channel Your Emotions for Success at Work by Melody Wilding

Ep. 80, Emotional Agility by Susan David with Help From the Velveteen Rabbit

Ep 76, "Don't take It So Personally" - Can Brené Brown and Daniel Goleman Help?

Ep. 73, Access Denied by
Brenda Harrington

Ep. 71, When It's Never About You by
Dr. Ilene S. Cohen

Ep. 70, Atomic Habits by James Clear

Ep. 66, Bulling and The Bullied Brain by Jennifer Fraser

Ep. 65, The Power of Latino Leadership by Juana Bordas

Ep. 64, Mobbing by Davenport, Schwartz, and Elliott

Ep. 63, Bully Mindset with books: The Bully At Work and Asshole Survival Guide

Ep. 61, The Forgiveness Workbook by Dr. Ilene Cohen

Ep. 60, Book: Women And Leadership by Julia Gillard & Ngozi Okonjo-Iweala

Ep. 59, Kim "KC" Campbell & her book: Flying In the Face of Fear

Ep. 58, Apology Help From The Book: Sorry, Sorry, Sorry

Ep. 56, Love, Kindness & Leadership - checking in with all Brené Brown's books and Jay Shetty's new book, 8 Rules of Love.

Ep. 55, The Superwoman of Resiliency, Viola Davis - A discussion with Sheila Whitescorn about the movie, Woman King,  and V's book, Finding Me.

Ep. 51, Intentions - Different than Resolutions; Based on Jay Shetty's Book, Think Like A Monk.

Ep. 48, A Discussion with Andrea Mein DeWitt About Her Book: Name Claim Reframe

Ep. 46, Cher, The First Time: Can Make Us Believe Anything Is Possible! 

Ep. 42, Receiving Feedback & Resentment, Shame, Anxiety, Fear, and Curiosity - With Help from the Masters: Brené Brown (Atlas of the Heart), Parker Palmer (Courage to Teach), and Cory Muscara (Stop Missing Your Life)

Ep. 41, A discussion about Mindfulness with Cynde Denson and the book, Ditching Imposter Syndrome by Clare Josa. 

Ep. 40, Book discussion with Toni Morris: Burnout, The Secret to Unlocking the Stress Cycle by Emily and Amelia Nagoski

Ep. 39, Be a Terri Cole Boundary Boss in Training, too. 

Eps. 35/36, A Discussion: Susan Cain's Quiet, The Power of Introverts in a World That Can't Stop Talking

Ep. 33, The Emotions of Change: What Brené Brown in Atlas of the Heart and The Tao of Leadership Tells Us

Ep. 32, Exploring John Heider's Book: The Tao of Leadership (Yo Solo)

Ep. 23, 24, 26, Bittersweet by Susan Cain. Co-Host: Rebecca Cohn.

Ep. 18, The Boat That Brings You Home with author Bonnie Kogos

Eps. 15/16/17/26 & Bonus, Atlas of the Heart by Brené Brown. Co-Host: Sheila Whitescorn.

Ep. 5, Me Myself, & Marilyn with author Holly Butler

Ep. 4, Women & Power by Mary Beard

Ep. 3, When Women Invented Television (Betty White) by Jennifer Keishin Armstrong. Co-host: Andrea Canny.

Ep. 95, Our Top 5 Barbie Movie Takeaways & the Leadership Skills we Admired!

Ep. 75, The Quest for Influencer Authenticity by Emily Hurd

Ep. 57,"Lashlighting", Authenticity in Internet Culture

Ep. 43, Gen Zers in the house! A discussion with Coach Katie about Kiki about Sports and Leadership

Ep. 37, Take Susan Cain's Quiet Quiz With Us - Are You an Introvert, too?

Ep. 25, What Bittersweet (Susan Cain) songs would Millennials and Gen Zers have on their playlist?

Ep. 22, The Slang Challenge: How many do you know?

Ep. 10, Who is Gen Z really?

Ep. 11, Honoring a leader: Fred Chavez, Ed.D.

Ep. 4, Women & Power by Mary Beard

Ep. 1, What, I sound wimpy?

Ep. 104, Sound Bite, DEI in Focus: Navigating the Complexity

Ep. 102, Sound Bite, From Nanye'hi to Stanton: Women's Words that Changed the World

Ep. 100 Womanhood & Leadership: Letter to my Daughter & Dear Listeners

Ep. 99, Sound Bite, Personal Letter Writing vs email: How Would you Score Chatgpt?

Bonus, Sound Bite, The Other Chavez Family

Ep. 97, Sound Bite, Helen Chavez: The Hero Alongside Cesar Chavez

Ep. 96, Dolores Huerta: The Woman Who Led the Farm Workers Movement Alongside Cesar Chavez

Ep. 90, Sound Bite, What if You Were Underrated? Gems from the film: Stephen Curry - Underrated

Ep. 87, Sound Bite, More About Machiavelli for Women: Money, Knowing & Negotiating Our Worth

Ep. 84, Sound Bite, Inspiration from The Monk Who Sold His Ferrari by Robin S. Sharma

Ep. 83, Sound Bite, More About Trusting Yourself

Ep. 81, Sound Bite, More About Emotional Agility: Getting Unhooked & Caring Too Much

Ep. 79, Sound Bite, Trapeze Parable: Fear of Transformation

Ep. 78, Sound Bite, Patriotism Update Plus Revolutionary War Amazing Women Leaders

Ep. 77, Sound Bite, AI & EI: What Daniel Goleman Has to Say

Ep. 74, Kelly Davis & The THESIS podcast: Trends in Higher Education in International Spheres

Ep. 68, Mothers' Day Movement 2023

Ep. 54, Our One Year Anniversary!

Ep. 52, Personal Branding & Leadership

Ep. 50, The Five 2022 Themes and a "Drink a cup o' Kindness"!

Ep. 49, Celebrating Holiday Traditions & Rituals With A Little Help From My Friends

Ep. 47, 'Tis the Season for Overdoing: What Brene Brown & Cory Muscara Have to Say! 

Ep. 38, Ugh...Let's Take on Envy with Bryon Katie's Help - Brené Brown Would be Proud! 

Ep. 34, Nerdy Girl Success: Leading the Way with High School Girls

Ep. 31, Holly springs/Fuquay-Varina & Apex Liberal Ladies, NC: Leading the way by walking the walk!

Ep. 27, Lazarex Cancer Foundation: Leading the Nation to Improve patient Access to Cancer Clinical Trials!

Ep. 26, What do emotions have to do with patriotism?

Ep. 20, Sheryl Crow: Leading with Vulnerability! Co-Host: Sheila Whitescorn.

Ep. 14, Mothers' Day Movement: Making a difference! Guest: Dominika Turkcan

Ep. 8, Girl Speak: Inspiring Future Leaders!

Ep. 7, Girl Scouts: More than just cookies?