114. Ego Check: Unpacking Authentic Confidence in Leadership with Christie Garcia
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114. Ego Check: Unpacking Authentic Confidence in Leadership with Christie Garcia

Christie Garcia (Millennial), Ego Management Expert and seasoned Leadership Coach, joins Yo to discuss living a more fulfilled life through ego-management. Christie shares her process to her clients find their ego behaviors, how they’re triggered, and become more powerful from making choices. Together they talk about confidence, trust, and personal freedom. In past episodes we’ve talked about working with someone with bullying behaviors and Christie provides a perspective on these difficult relationships.

More About Christie:

Christie Garcia is also a Speaker, Skillful Facilitator, and a distinguished Contributor to Forbes Coaches Council. With a notable career spanning two decades, Christie brings a wealth of expertise in the realms of sales, talent acquisition, leadership development, and Ego Management.

For over a decade, she has worked with leaders from prominent companies and fast-growing startups, including but not limited to, Airbnb, Twitter, Movement For Life, Sunrun, and Oakley. Christie is the visionary Founder of the Mindful Choice Leadership Academy, where she crafts innovative programs that empower individuals and teams to master the art of taming their inner Ego within the dynamic world of business, partnerships, and leadership.

Christie's flagship course, the Mindful Choice Leadership Academy, represents a cutting-edge paradigm shift in personal and professional growth. Her approach is refreshingly modern, and simple. She champions the idea that achieving greatness is within everyone's grasp, if they are willing to understand the role of their Ego.

Christie's mission is to instill authentic confidence in her clients, enabling them to communicate effectively, align with their teams, and achieve their daily tasks and goals with unwavering accountability. All it takes is a conscious choice to be 1% better every day.

3 Episode Takeaways:

1. We all have elements of the ego (Controller, Protector, and Complier) as laid out by Christie, and our ego behaviors can be triggered by emotions or stress.

2. Wanting to and becoming more self-aware will help us know the trigger points of our ego unconscious behavior which can help build our confidence.

3. All of us have difficult people in our lives and becoming owners of our part and speaking up can lead us to be more powerful to change our circumstances.

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