159 Cultural Integration, Emotions and Ego: Irene Sim's Perspective on Leadership
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159 Cultural Integration, Emotions and Ego: Irene Sim's Perspective on Leadership

Irene Sim joins us to discuss some topics I think you’ll find interesting like the power of emotions, new thinking habits, systemic bias and racism, and emotions and ego. Such good stuff!


Irene is the Managing Director of Coaching Alliance Group, an accredited Executive Leadership Coach, Mentor and Facilitator. Her career is amazing. She was the inaugural Chief of Staff at APEC and first Asian woman to be promoted to the Senior Executive Service of the Australian Treasury and the Australian Taxation Office. AND she was the first Asian woman that the Australian Treasury posted overseas diplomatically as the Minister-Counsellor to China, Hong Kong and Taiwan.

Here are the topics we covered in the episode:

3:12 Power of emotions & leadership 7:33 New thinking habits 11:52 Bringing cultures together by removing systemic bias/racism 21:44 The effect of emotions and ego

Here are the three takeaways:

1. Let's look at emotions look at comfortable or uncomfortable not good or bad. They can be our “north star” guiding us to act in alignment with our deepest values and to be more resilient. Accept them, allow them and then do something constructive with them.

2. Having an inclusive mindset is about being curious and move away from the assumption that the way I see the world is the only way to see the world.

3. One habit to break up the “all about me” and the disconnection from the other. We can look at an issue together, rather than making it personal by blaming judging or defending against the other. This allows alignment.


More About Irene: 

Irene coaches women at all stages of their journey to break free from societal biases to set their own terms and to thrive as powerful and authentic leaders on their own terms. Irene also coaches entire organizations on how to provide allyship support to one another, to remove systemic biases.


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