113. Dare to be Brave: Conquer Failure & Learn Bravery as a Skill!
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113. Dare to be Brave: Conquer Failure & Learn Bravery as a Skill!

Nicole Trick Steinbach (Millennial) joins Yo to talk about ego bravery. Nicole is the international bravery coach and she's the first to tell you bravery does not come easy to her. She is a former executive in technology and has worked in over 25 countries. Together they explored questions like:

  • What is bravery?
  • How can we connect with own bravery?
  • How can we learn bravery?
  • How are failures a stepping stone to building a braver life?

And you’ve got to hear about what the “up the octopus” is all about!

Plus she gives us a different view on the Barbie Movie which we covered in Ep. 95.

3 Takeaways: 

1. Barbie & Ken could have practiced bravery by apologizing for their actions that hurt others to take personal accountability.

2. Nicole’s Brave Framework includes 3 aspects: Clarity, Momentum, and Accountability – It’s a skill we can learn and build on.

3. Failure is a wonderful teacher leading to resilience, more skilled, and more humble. Her quote: “Fall down 17 times get up 18 times”.


There was one other quote which was terrific: “Just send me version zero” which can help us address perfectionism.


Mentioned in the Episode:

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Octopus Man IG: https://www.instagram.com/p/CXGUJucAgOY/


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www.TrickSteinbach.com // freebie: https://tricksteinbach.com/work-less/

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More About Nicole:

Nicole is at home in both the US and Germany. Because bravery does not naturally come to her, she teaches and coaches other women all over the world to build their own brave career so that they stress, work less and then begin to earn more. Her podcast is Celebrate BRAVE.


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Linkedin: https://www.linkedin.com/in/nicoletricksteinbach/

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