139. Powering Up Your Leadership: Exploring Energy Levels with Brandy Mabra
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139. Powering Up Your Leadership: Exploring Energy Levels with Brandy Mabra

Brandy Mabra (MHA, ELI-MP, CPC), Gen X, joins Yo to talk about leadership and leadership energy. Brandy is the CEO of Savvy Clover Coaching & Consulting and a CEO Coach for private practice owners in healthcare. Brandy has 15+ years of business management and leadership experience working in diverse business climates and has turned hot mess practices into well-oiled and profitable machines. She has spent her career building, growing and leading multi-million dollar practices and now uses her skill set to help other women private practice owners to scale their practices for growth, sustainability and profit. Topics we covered: Transparency, Authenticity, & Leadership

  • Energy Leadership Basics
  • Teams & Contagious Energy
  • Women’s Common Energy Mindset
  • Generational Energy Differences
  • Practices to Shift Our Energy Patterns

Three takeaways:

1. Our perceptions inform how we see leaders and how leaders see themselves. To see this we can ask ourselves why and how am I perceiving this a particular way. This makes us responsible for ourselves and gives us control on how we respond.

2. Energy can be contagious and there are two ways we respond: under stress and under normal conditions.

3. There are 7 levels of energy and each had both advantages and disadvantages.

Levels: #1 Victim, #2 Anger, #3 Fine, #4 Caring, #5 Opportunity, #6 Visionary, #7 Oneness.


As Mentioned:

 You can learn more about the ELI assessment tool to see what energy you are here: https://www.energyleadership.com/assessment


More About Brandy: 

She is the founder of Private Practice CEO™ - the CEO school for private practice owners - which empowers her clients to own their CEO status as the leader of their business so they can have a practice with streamline operations and an engaged team that can run without them. Brandy loves to travel and spend time with her family. She believes you cannot build a business on fumes and CEO breaks are required.


Brandy’s Offers:

Million Dollar Practice - Learn what it takes to build, grow and sustain a million dollar healthcare practice: https://savvyclover.com/million-dollar-practice | Take our free Private Practice Health Assessment to gain clarity about the true health of your practice: https://savvyclover.com/practice-health-assessment


Look for her Million Dollar Practice Free Training coming soon.


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